Automatic Faucet Series



AC 0.5 ~ 5kgf/cm2
DC 1 ~ 5kgf/ cm2

Automatic Faucet Series
Power supply AC110V~AC220V 50/60 Hz DC6V (#3 alkaline battery x 4)
Power wire length 100cm 1.5Vx4pcs
Applicable water pressure 0.5~5kgf/cm² 1~5kg/cm²
Response time of sensing/ Outflow volume 0.5L/sec(1kgf/cm²) 0.5L/sec(1kgf/cm²)
  5L/min(1kgf/cm²)  5L/min(1kgf/cm²)
Delay water stop time About 1 second About 1 second
Inflow pipe diameter F1/2 F1/2
Applicable water temperature 5℃ ~ 65℃ 5℃ ~ 65℃
Applicable basin type Single hole (bore diameter 35 – 45 mm) Single hole (bore diameter 35 – 45 mm)
*If AC is selected, please reserve the power outlet as shown above.
*Theeffective length of water inlet hose is 70/90 cm. Please install as shown.
*To ensure safety, the power outlet in bathroom have to install leakage circuit breaker in the power switch box.