Remote Cloth Hanger


The characteristic of the product

“Small space,Big balcony!” Can’t stand the heaviness of the traditional clothes hanger and the space it takes up?

New ivention: Remote Cloth Hanger is not only a multi-function product, but saving the space to make your balcony extensive.

  • Adopt the “intelligent energy conservation electric system” with overheating protection device installed.
    It passed through 50,000 obstacle tests and could load up to 40kgs.
  • ‘’Remote Cloth Hanger” has 120cm lifting range. The height can be adjusted according to the weather changes.
  • “Obstacle detection stopping device”: Automatically stop descending if there are obstacles below the machine to guarantee safety. It is a reliable function.
  • Adopt a pair of electronic convection fan with ball bearing design to circulate the air while operating and with high speed air drying to take away the moisture on the clothes easily in a short amount of time.
  • Use LED ultraviolet ray light technology: through ultraviolet ray to reduce bacteria effectively and prevent disease.
  • LED energy-conservation lights with compact casing can have a quick and easy installation. It can be set to shut off automatically after 2 hours.
  • Use Taiwanese made 6063 aluminum alloy in whole body and clothes pole. The integrative stainless steel clothes pole with 56 pieces of wind-proof hook allows you to air dry your clothes more conveniently.
  • Apply impacted device to the concentrated wire reel which can make the steel wire rope in order and stop automatically when it runs into obstacles.
  • The wireless RF control technology guarantees the use of the sensitivity when you are in a  long distance and large angle. The superior LCD monitor with a humanized interface that is easy to operate.
  • Ultra-thin body which fits well into your household ceiling gives you a broad and workable space on the floor.