Ventilation Fan Series


AmpPowerAirNoiseWeightVoltage :(mm)
0.19A 21W 170 CMH 30dB(A) 1.8kg 110V/220V(60Hz) 4"

Study has shown that living in a humid environment is a big injury to human’s immunity; especially harm to the patients of respiratory disease because they are likely to be allergic and infected. Therefore, to improve the air qulity indoors, using an excellent ventilation system is a good way to protect your health.

Features & Advantages:

Super Quiet Operation

The capacitative motor can be totally enclosed in order to achieve the super quiet operation.

Enhanced Safety
1. With intelligent device to cut off the power supply when the temperature of the motor overheating.
2. The case is made of steel-plated material which could prevent the fire.
Longer life
1. Use NMB's bearing with 608ZZ specification which is imported from Japan; in addition, the motor’s life span is over 50,000 hrs.
2. The case is made of galvanizing steel-plated material. The steel-plated is electroplated to become anti-rust.
3. Enclosed motor to ensure the lubricant do not outflow which enhance the life span of it.
Energy Saving

Use the type of electricity saving capacitance motor to be energy saving.

Easy Installation
1. Split-type  exhaust vent interface design let the soundless ventilation fan is easy to install
2. The motor can be separated from the case so that it is easy to inspect and maintain.
Easy Cleaning

Cassette ventilator panel is simple to take down to clean.