LED Rainbow Defog Light Mirror Series

Two Side | 3 Key (white)

Straight / Horizontal

M11-W-50-70 500 * 700
M11-W-83-66 830 * 660
M11-W-80-90 800 * 900
M11-W-90-90 900 * 900
M11-W-100-90 1000 * 900
M11-W-120-90 1200 * 900

Features :

  • LCD touch panel matches LED light that art unique and fashion
  • 4 sections of bright adjustment
  • Include 8 colors, 16 colors, and 160 colors mode to switch
  • 3 section speeds: Fast, Middle, and Slow 
  • 2 modes: Active color circulation and static fixed color
  • Centigrade (℃),Fahrenheit (℉) two kinds can switch
  • Many kinds of size to choose 
  • Reveal temperature on the screen
  • With safety and high-efficiency defog function can keep the mirror clear at all times which conforms UL certification
  • Humanized design of LCD panel combines with icons that more easy-understanding and use
  • Succinct and convenient of installation steps


- Lamp: LED Light (Light-Emitting Diode)

- Frame: Aluminum

- Material: Glass

- Switch: LCD Touch panel

- Power Consumption of light: 3~5W

- Power Consumption of defogger: 29W have UL approval

- Temperature reveals the screen: Thermograph

- Shape: Rectangular, Oval, and Circular

- Color: 160 colors

- Place of Origin: Taiwan

Energy-conservation fits:

  1. LED color ---
       Unicolor - White light (Maximum consumptive power: 3W)
       Colored - Colorful (Maximum consumptive power: 5W)
  2. LED luminance -- Many sections of luminance are adjusted
  3. Soft electric heating piece -- Maximum consumptive power 29W

Ambient temperature -- Can detect and examine the ambient temperature

  1. Temperature range: -10℃ ~-50℃(- 50℉ ~ 122 ℉ )
  2. Temperature is lower than - 10℃- Reveal LO
  3. Temperature is higher than 50 ℃ - Reveal HI
  4. Temperature-sensors (NTC) abnormal, reveal " _ _ _ "

Touch panel -- Adopt the glass on the touch panel. High quality and waterproof is good.

Sweet design:

Use LED light with energy saving and carbon reduction is good for environment and wallet. Before sleeping, switch to the first section which is a little bright at night can replace the traditional small night-light.In addition, revolving light source can create a romantic atmosphere!

Color is closely linked with our health.The color treatment is use the color to make the human energy center reach the equilibrium state. When the body has some problems, you can make use of the color energy to adjust and equilibrate your body.Different color has different wavelength, different frequency, different energy which appear naturally in the color treatment and influence the physical and mental health of the human body. If you know how to regulate the body functions with color, thebody and themood will be healthier!