Automatic Urinal Flusher Series

L-353 Limited production


257×110×140 AC 110V(50/ 60Hz)
AC 220V(50/ 60Hz)

AC 110V(50/ 60Hz)
AC 220V(50/ 60Hz)
Power supply AC110V 50/60 Hz(AC220V Production Order) #3 alkaline battery x 4
Power consumption Less than 5W Less than 3W
Way of flushing Two speeds Two speeds
Sensor distance 50cm adjustable 50cm adjustable
Confirming time About 3 seconds About 3 seconds
1st speed flushing About 1 second About 1 second
2st speed flushing About 9 second About 9 second
Water In-flow pipe size PF1/2 PF1/2
Outflow volume Above 6 litres /min. Above 6 litres /min.
Applicable water pressure 0.5 to 6 Kgf/cm2 0.5 to 6 Kgf/cm2
Way of installation wall mount wall mount
* If 24 hours unmanned use will flush once automatically.
* When water pressure is more than 2Kg, please install a reducing valve.