Bathroom Ventilation Heating Dryer Series



110V 1230 11.6A 7.1 415x295 210CMH
220V 1230 5.8A 7.1 415x295 210CMH
  • 4-in-1 Multi-Function│Ventilation, Heater, Dryer, Air Cooler,Light connection.
  • Technology│Wireless RF (radio frequency) Control, which apply science & technology to enrich your life.
  • Convenience│Removable filter net is easy to remove & wash and night-light guide provides extra comfort.
  • Timer:7 Timer Settings. LCD indicates the Set Time and Remaining Time.
  • Preset:The time will accord to what you set to work.
  • Connect lighting :Control the light just with a touch which makes the operation more convenient and practical.


Dryer: During raining season, every day like sunny day!
Running on “Dryer” for approx. 3-4 hours on 3m²bathroom will circulate warm air to dry clothes fast which making a clean and comfortable feeling.
Heat: Warm and spring-like all year round.
Instant heating with PTC (Ceramic Heating Plate) heating plates makes the bathroom warm within few minutes and is recommended for elderly parents, adults, children, and people with high blood pressure.
Fan: Fresh breeze and air.
During humid and hot summer, switch on “Fan”function and enjoy the comfortable cool air during shower time.
Ventilator: Fresh air circulation and energy efficient.
Air circulating of more than 200 cubic squares per hour will provide you a fresh lining environment.
24hrs continuous air circulation between High or Low speed will reduce moisture and odor and prevent bacteria.
Light: Switch on and off with a touch.
Control the light just with a touch which makes the operation more convenient and practical.