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    Thedomestic affairsin a day is a lot such as cooking, washing dishes, sweeping as well as washingand drying clothes.To dry clothes in particular,we need to take the clothespole up and down which takes time and effort.

    Time is money. We just have 24 hours per day. Are you thinking how to do the affairs effectively? Jye Li An’s remote cloth hanger can solve the problem! You just need to use a remote control to rise and descend the hanger. Most importantly, thethickness of the body is only 8 centimeters which is suitable for the small balcony. Thus, let’s see the effort-saving and convenient function of the remote cloth hanger!

    ★A touch can adjust the height of the hanger★
    You can be easy to dry your clothes! The height of the rise and descent is 120 centimeters. You can use the remote control to adjust the height. In addition,“obstacle detection stopping device”can automatically stop descending if there are obstacles below the remote clothes hanger. How safe and reliable is it, isn’t it?

    ★ Take away the moisture and disinfect★
    Science and technology device not only enhance the efficiency and quality, but conform the economy and practicality. Adopt a pair of electronic convection fan and bearing design to circulate the air, take away the moisture on the clothes easily, and shorten the time of drying. Thereis a LED light in the middle of the body which can set 2 hours to close down. In addition, there are 2 disinfectant lights on both sides. Through ultraviolet rays can reduce the growth of bacteria efficiently.

    ★ MIT:quality, safety, and load★
    The body and the clothes pole is used Taiwanese made 6063 aluminum alloy. JLA’s remote cloth hanger with 56 pieces of wind-proof hook allows you to dry clothes as you please. What’s more, it can load 40 kilograms which can be flexiblyadjusted what you dry.