JLA (JYE LI AN )CO. is specialized in R&D on automatic product, which make the product on a stable quality and convenient, it is due to many years of diligent and inflexible on sanitary product. Our product were passing the CE,FCC,NCC and ISO 9001; also it fit in with our Country water-saving logo of Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic and commodities verify register license of Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.

    And is striving for actively constantly Foreign recent years continued to buy advanced mechanical equipment and R&D the new technology Cooperate with government's water-saving policy This cooperates with environmental protection and water- saving resource and R&D strength Come from JLA colleague's love to Taiwan.

    JLA will combine more accurate technology in the future, Stride forward to the Hi-Tech industry Make the sanitary equipment not just for ' the physiological demand ' it was a kind of courteous reception that enjoys. The support and encourage we expect form the consumer is our biggest motive to stride forward, and to provide the perfect product inside our life space.