Business Concept 

"Quality is the highest, service is the best" is the lives of enterprises. Products in order to be stabilized, fast service, reasonable price, cross-century idea, and popularize Taiwan sanitary equipment; then, advancing on the international market. The faith didn't change for JLA for many years.

The Bathroom Project of Systematic and Scientific Process:

The sanitary equipment itself has suitable practicability.It is innovated in the scientific, technological, and input R&D resources, making sanitary equipment more practicability to fit for different life and working environment. Providing the different demand of sanitary equipment is already become our common goal, extension, and important direction of our development in the future.

Philosophy of Bathroom Intension:

The sanitary equipment makes water use more effectively which achieves cleaning as purpose. Water and air are the most important element in the nature. Therefore, caring of humanity, lacking the waste of some sources of water will be JLA's important direction in the future.

Push JLA to the International Market:

In order to keep improving, JLA puts a lot of mental and physical efforts every year in research and development of products and pay attention to personnel training in the work. Occupy a place in the international market and brand image, JLA is expanding the market and selling in foreign areas actively at present; furthermore, we pay attention to image packaging and file specification.

By distributor's channel promoting to outside: medium and long-term plan has been utilized already that push the trade in many kinds of products. Using the value of distributor's channel and making various kinds of sanitary equipments of JLA can reach the whole countries all over the world.